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ContinuUs CEO Teri Buros to speak at Portage Long Term Care Forum
RFW in Action Executive Director Thomas Cook also to speak


Madison, Wis., – Teri Buros, the chief executive officer of ContinuUs, the Managed Care Organization (MCO) formerly known as Southwest Family Care Alliance, will speak at a Long Term Care Forum on September 24 in Portage.  She will be joined by the organization's regional program manager, Lisa Peterson, in making a presentation about the MCO's philosophy and specialized expertise. 

ContinuUs, which is a Latin term that means "connected together," according to Ms. Buros, recently was awarded a contract to expand its services into south central Wisconsin, in competition with the first MCO to serve the area, Care Wisconsin.  The A-Team of South Central Wisconsin invited Ms. Buros to speak at the Forum, which will be held at Northwoods, Inc., located on U.S. Highway 51 South just 2 miles south of the city limits of Portage, from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

ContinuUs is under contract with the Department of Health Services to deliver long term care services through Wisconsin's Family Care program.  Family Care helps adults who qualify for government-funded assistance because of aging or a disability to live as independently as possible in their own homes and to work in their local communities. 

Following the presentation by Ms. Buros and Ms. Peterson, Thomas Cook, executive director of RFW in Action, will provide an update on the ACCSES National Grassroots Action Campaign to Preserve a Full Array of Service Options.  ACCSES members and the families of the people they serve are engaged in a campaign to write letters to Members of Congress asking them to contact the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) with a request to modify a proposed regulation that would restrict or eliminate service options, including group homes, center-based day programs, and center-based work programs.  A more extensive background document on the HHS proposed rule can be found here.   Mr. Cook will be providing materials to help concerned citizens join this campaign.

Wisconsin's Community Rehabilitation Programs provide employment opportunities to thousands of people with disabilities and economic disadvantages.  Rehabilitation for Wisconsin in Action represents CRPs and other organizations that provide employment and community living services.

ACCESS-400x300On the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, RFW in Action received this memo from ACCSES regarding the legal basis for the state of Wisconsin continuing to provide center-based prevocational services as part of the full array of employment services.  Although the Systems Transformation agreement reached between the state of New York and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services proposes to remove the option to participate in these employment programs at some future date, there is a clear basis for them in federal statutes, regulations, and policy guidance.

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ChoiceSALEM, Ore. — Federal officials have reversed course on a new provision of the Affordable Care Act that would have largely barred guardians from serving as paid caregivers for adult children with developmental disabilities ...Disability rights advocates and state officials have been fighting the new provision, saying it could restrict flexibility and choice for the 455 Oregon families where the guardian is the paid caregiver.

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American Dream Video ThumbnailFor many Americans with disabilities, employment is about building skills and about building self-esteem. And for millions of Americans employment starts with Disability Service Providers. By expanding employment opportunities, by encouraging skill development, by empowering people with disabilities; disability service providers assist people with disabilities every day to take their place in the national workforce.


Career IndustriesDave Koenig, owner and operator of the Piggly Wiggly grocery, 3900 Erie St., doesn’t post help wanted signs or purchase ads to find store associates. Instead, he always accepts applications from interested candidates. Two such associates who Dave hired this past year were Andy, 20, and Michael, 46, both participants in Careers Industries’ Partners in Employment program.

PIE partners with the Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to match savvy, progressive employers like Koenig who understand the value of a diverse workforce with people with disabilities who have the requested skills and talents.

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