American Dream Video ThumbnailFor many Americans with disabilities, employment is about building skills and about building self-esteem. And for millions of Americans employment starts with Disability Service Providers. By expanding employment opportunities, by encouraging skill development, by empowering people with disabilities; disability service providers assist people with disabilities every day to take their place in the national workforce.


Career IndustriesDave Koenig, owner and operator of the Piggly Wiggly grocery, 3900 Erie St., doesn’t post help wanted signs or purchase ads to find store associates. Instead, he always accepts applications from interested candidates. Two such associates who Dave hired this past year were Andy, 20, and Michael, 46, both participants in Careers Industries’ Partners in Employment program.

PIE partners with the Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to match savvy, progressive employers like Koenig who understand the value of a diverse workforce with people with disabilities who have the requested skills and talents.

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Wisconsin Family CareAs available tax resources keep shrinking, state government officials have been exploring ways to clip costs in order to balance their budgets.

So it is no shock the budget ax has fallen upon programs like Family Care, which provides a long-term care system for Wisconsin residents with disabilities. The problem is recent cuts facing some clients within the system appear to be excessive and unwarranted, and thus life changing . . .

Those entrusted with the state’s Family Care system need to take a step back and start using a bit more common sense and empathy when making decisions that impact those in their care. Any funding decisions should put people first, and not dollars first.

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ACCESS - Voice of Disability Service ProvidersACCSES represents individuals, families, community leaders and businesses, all united to support persons with disabilities and protect their place in the mainstream of their activities, organizations and communities.

Russel WeisenselRuss was recognized as Wisconsin Handicapped Person of the Year in 1968, by the UW-River Falls Honorary Recognition in 1993, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Honorary Recognition in 1997. He was a life-long member of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, member of MARC, Dane County Day Care Services Board, Lions Club, Knights of Columbus and past President of the Easter Seals Society.

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